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PARD Annual Meeting Summary April 19, 2011 – Harrisburg PA

April 19, 2011

The Pennsylvania Association of Rental Dealers (PARD) held their annual state association meeting in Harrisburg April 19th, 2011. With 29 attendees, the meeting was full of great information and guest speakers.
PARD President Sandi Frye recognized our meeting sponsors – Rent Direct and TRIB Group, as well as welcoming our new and ongoing vendor sponsors – ADPRO Advertising & Printing, Benefit Marketing Solutions, Central File Marketing, Coaster Co. of America, D&H Distributing, Colortyme Inc, DSI, High Touch Inc, Twin Star, and Welton USA.
Sandi also confirmed that just over $5,000 was donated to Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School (authorized during the prior year’s PARD meeting), for the purchase of hi-tech computer “smart boards”. The school was very appreciative of this generous donation.

Speakers included:
Dennis Shields from TRIB group – who spoke about a variety of topics that small business owners should be mindful of.
Ed Winn, APROs General Counsel spoke about a variety of legal issues.
Keith Carrico, from Rent-One, discussed HR / Management topics.
Jeff Knight from Twin Star / Classic Flame spend some time discussing electric fireplaces and entertainment products available through his company.
James McAlpine from Rent Direct offered an industry overview, discussing at length the expected direction of the various categories that rental companies rent and sell.
John O’Connell, Rent-a-Center’s lobbyist in Harrisburg spoke about pending PA state legislation which may impact rental businesses in the upcoming year.
Mike Frye spoke about Bed Bug Solutions, and his new bedbug heater which offers an affordable solution.
Sandi Frye spoke on behalf of Whitsell and Company’s taxservice program, which she has been using for several years (to provide tax returns for her customers)
The final 30 minutes of the meeting was dedicated to an open forum roundtable discussion. Multiple issues were discussed, with some great solutions offered.

Before the meeting closed, board elections were held, with the following people being elected:
President = Sandi Frye
VP = Dan Fisher
Secretary = Scott McHale
Board Members = Dave Jones, John Chacosky

Our final order of business was to determine whether to continue the “Computers for Kidz” donations which have been well received over the past several years. It was agreed that we would seek a qualified recipient in the Phliadelphia area, and $5,000 was earmarked for this purpose.

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